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Update: December 17th 2008
Salesforce released an update today which resolves this issue. You can read the response to my original post about it here

Below is a test you can perform that checks whether have addressed the issue I allude to in this post.

The issue is in connecting to when your app is hosted outside their server farm and specifically from a Flex application.

The way this is done is by providing a URL to your Web Services client which points to the gateway which serves the web API at  To get at your specific data you have to log in through that gateway providing your username, password and security token.  Oh, and this only works if you have an Enterprise or Unlimited license, otherwise access to your data through the API is not supported.

What’s a Security Token?

The security token is a 25 character string which is uniquely generated for you and assigned to your user.  It is used as an additional piece of verification of your identity when you connect to through its API.  Here is what one looks like…


To get a security token you log in to your account and go to the setup page.  There you’ll see a section called “My Personal Information” with a link to “Reset your security token”.  Click that link and you’ll get an email from sent to your nominated account with the security token embedded in it.

When you are presented with a login screen from an application which uses the API (i.e. any AppExchange application) you have to tack this magic text onto the end of your password otherwise you’ll be rejected with an invalid logon message.

Your server

For this test you’ll need to know your designated server too.  This is easy to find.  If you have just logged in to to get your token then look at your browser address bar and you should see a URL like this…

the bit that represents your server is the bit that say na5 above.

The Test

The test involves going to the furryhappymonsters site below and trying out a couple of URL’s and seeing what happens.


The URL defines the server that delivers the API for your particular data.  You shouldn’t have to know which server you are attached to, it should just be possible to use www, e.g…

(BTW, the 11.0 at the end targets the version of the API that you want to use. are up to 14.0 at time of writing, but you can try out numbers above 8.0 for this test).

The bug is that if you go in via www you will get bounced with a message that implies that you have your login credentials wrong.  You can check the message in the “Debug Events” box bottom right on the site.  presuming you supply the correct credentials, including the security token tacked on the end of your password, then this should work.

If you change the URL so that your designated server is the target, e.g. for me…

then you’ll be let in and can query for data.

If the www route works, then they have fixed the bug.

The furryhappymonsters site belongs to James Ward from Adobe and I should thank him and my contacts for helping me out tracking down this issue and providing the bridge code as well.

If you are likely to follow my footsteps down the path of integration between FLex and then details of the excellent bridge code provided by James can be found here.

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  1. Hi: Awesome Blog… Do you have the code to connect to Salesforce on an html page…. We are doing a web-to-case and basically that works in general but we need to have the user the ability to attach and the only way to do this is javascript and api call…
    Wondering if you have the connection for the api call..

    Comment by Shan — September 14, 2010 @ 2:44 pm

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