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My latest project exposes a neural network model to the public internet through a Play 2 app deployed into Amazon EC2 on a Linux instance, backed by MySQL hosted on Amazon RDS.  The innerds of the Neural Network code are an extension of the suite of algorithms I have implemented over the last 10 years and which are being exploited by Clusters Ltd, in which I retain a significant interest.  Putting this algorithm on the web was an exercise in learning the Play 2 framework and MySQL in RDS, but will have commercial value to Clusters.

I have also developed applications using Grails and MySQL and I have deployed it to the public internet through Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, running on a Fedora LAMP AMI. I have extensive experience programming in Java, Flex/AS3 and Python as well as a history using C, C++, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, VB/VBA, Apache HTTPD, JBoss, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate and iBatis. Right back at the beginning I worked in COBOL, PASCAL, FORTRAN and VAX BASIC. I have dabbled in PHP, Erlang, Stackless Python, Haskell and Assembler. With a background that broad I think I can call myself a programmer and can choose any language to suit the project needs.

I have formulated, managed and maintained requirements, development, build, QC and release strategies in both small skunk-works and large multi-site 24/7 development environments. I have seen all aspects of software product development from conception through high growth to maintenance and escrow.

I have made a point of recruiting the best possible people from the widest set of backgrounds and forming cohesive, productive, stable teams.

I have worked in small teams and run large ones. I have worked in and around a variety of project management styles from benevolent dictatorships through old fashioned Project Management to Scrum/Agile/XP methodologies.

I am named as inventor on numerous patents in US, Canada and Europe and hold several personal applications.

I am a regular contributor to Flexcoders, Stack Overflow and the numpy and scipy message boards and to be honest, I’m a bit of a nerd.

You can read my Bio here

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