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January 3, 2011

Mr Bob

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According to ENISA, 95% of all email traffic is spam.  Up from 94% last year, but no real news there.  However I think new depths are being plumbed.  Here is an email I received this morning…

















We’ll get to why my spam filter didn’t find this at some later point, but I confess I’m intrigued by this.  I almost want to contact Mr Bob and find out why on earth he has sent this message – and obviously to correct his use of the apostrophe.

I wonder who would ever respond to an email like this.  I’m also aghast at how someone which such a poor grasp of English has such a seemingly firm grasp of spam.  If you were going to the lengths of sending out emails to strangers in the hope of them responding, wouldn’t you spend the additional 10 seconds thinking of something to say that might trigger a spark of interest?

The received wisdom is that people respond to these sorts of emails and click on the dubious links therein, otherwise the spammers would have stopped by now.  I wonder.  Maybe it is just so easy – and cheap to do it – that anyone can.  So anyone does.

Off to the IT guys to get the spam filter fixed.

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