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August 11, 2010

How do you add a comment field to a list in Sharepoint 2003?

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I want to add a field to a list on a Sharepoint 2003 meeting site which allows for multiple comments against an item, including who posted the comment and when.  Should be easy, right?  Well it is, but there are a couple of things you need to do and it’s not exactly obvious.

I was expecting that a comment field would be a specific type, since there are multiple comments by different authors against a single list item, so a one-to-many relationship between list item and comment – at least that’s what the techy wonk in me was saying.  When I couldn’t find that I was baffled and spent a long time reading the Sharepoint help and Googling and StackOverflowing, all to no avail.

Turns out the solution is far simpler…
1) switch on versioning for your list
2) create yourself a multi-line text field on your list
3) call it “Comments”
4) show it in your favourite view

The versioning is what gives the impression of a one-to-many on the comments and there is some styling on the standard item view which shows the versions as a comment trail, which is nice.  I suppose versioning is a one-to-many on the list item ID, which is equivalent for my purposes.

Seems like a silly simple set of steps now I know it, but was frustrating while I didn’t know it and if this page gets crawled by Google then the obvious search will yield a result for the next poor individual.

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