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January 30, 2010

Textpad syntax file for Grails GSP

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Since I couldn’t find one on Textpad’s list, or anywhere else on the web, and nobody on Stackoverflow had one either, I thought I would write myself a syntax hilighting file for Grails GSP.

Here it is for anyone else who might find it useful. Because WordPress don’t allow upload of the .syn file extension I have renamed it gsp.pdf. Right-click on the link save it to your hard disk and rename to .syn file to have it work. It needs to go into your samples folder underneath your Textpad install location.

I have been building it as I have gone along, so it is likely to be incomplete. However, it has most of the commonly used tags so it works for me. I based it on an existing HTML template which also has reasonably support for Javascript, so it is a pretty good general Grails View syntax hilighter.

This seems particularly important for Grails since the IDE’s available are pretty bad (or expensive) and it sort of works better to have a favourite text editor in the mix as your primary editor. I have also added some of the common grails commands to Textpad and it is starting to function as a pretty good alternative to the STS Eclipse plug-in which Spring provide – which isn’t worth it in my opinion.

I have another one I am building for Groovy which I’ll post just as soon as I get it in a state where it does what I feel is the minimum to get by.

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