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December 16, 2008

Firefox, here’s your chance

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Looks like someone has publicly been bold enough to recommend what many of the technorati did a long time ago, namely ditch IE. This news ought to be the final straw for the ubiquitous browser. It has been the Typhoid Mary for the majority of serious viruses and annoying malware attacks that I have had the misfortune to have witnessed over the last few years.

When friends notice that I use Firefox I am aften asked why. I could once dribble on about the Mozilla browser code base being superior, sticking to standards, not trying to impose proprietary things on unsuspecting users, openness and competition, and even once tabbed browsing and a host of little usability features. But at the end I wound up with a very unconvincing it’s just better.

Now I have a better answer.

So Firefox, this is your big chance. It is possible to imagine a scenario where a few corporations say, “look, we are fed up with constantly having to patch users computers with IE security fixes. The automatic updates are a nightmare and are responsible for the gradual slide in to inoperability of Windows itself. Let’s just do one last upgrade over to Firefox and switch IE off for good”.

A couple of those in the press – maybe a public sector institution or two – and suddenly a tide of interest in Firefox will follow.

I’m sure the clever folks at Firefox are way ahead of me, so here’s hoping that they have some canny marketing around this once in a lifetime opportunity. They couldn’t have written a better script for the demise of the incumbent Gorilla.

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